Straight Flute HSS Sheet Metal Conical Tube Drill Bit

rocuct Name Round Shank Straight Flute HSS Conical and Tube Drill Bit for Metal Tube and Sheet Drilling
Size 24-40mm
Material HSS   (Cobalt M35 is Available)
Flute Type Straight Flute   (Spiral Flute is Available)
Flute Number Single Flute   (Two Flutes, Three Flutes are Available)
Shank  Round Shank   (Three Flats Shank, Quick Change Hex Shank, Double R Shank are Available)
Surface Finish Bright   (TiN, Black & Amber, Co-coated, Black Oxide, Black & Bright, TiAIN are Available)
Package One Piece in Double Blister or Plastic Tube

1. Step drill bits are perfect for drilling and enlarging multiple-holes in thin sections of sheet metals, pipes, plexiglass, plastics, wood up to a thickness of 5mm.

3. A variety of hole diameters can be drilled using only one tool. 

4. Single Cutting Edge:creates perfectly round holes in metal, plastic, wood and other thin materials without center punching.

5. High speed steel provides good life and high precision.

6. Round Shank:fits most kinds of power tools and provides high precision.

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